Dairy Marketing Advice

Our specialist dairy livestock representatives have many years experience in the dairy industry whether that be managing their own dairy operations, buying and selling dairy cattle or running a dairy farm on a day to day basis.

If you are stocking a property we can help you to:

  • Identify appropriate herds and breeds
  • Select Livestock
  • Understand production requirements and herd test results
  • Assist with breeding programs and sire selections
  • Select backup sires (Bulls).

If you are reducing herd numbers we can help you identify the most appropriate marketing outcome – location, time etc including:

  • An indication of value
  • An expectation of all costs
  • And generating all requirements for a professional sales catalogue to maximise the true potential of your asset.

Valuation Services

Contact us for herd valuations required for Banks, Family matters, taxation purposes or refinancing matters.

Receivership / Bank Assistance

Contact us to :

  • Provide administrator support and solutions
  • Conduct an independent review of livestock operations
  • Facilitate operational solutions and practical assistance
  • Be sensitive and confidential