Wanted to Purchase

13th August 2020

  • 25-30 Top quality Holstein A2 cows. Freshly calved or calving mid August to the end September. Must have herd test info and breeding detail. Purchaser willing to A2 test a group of suitable cows at the purchasers cost. The cows must be located in Victoria due to Covid 19 travel restrictions.  Price: $2500.00 – $2800.00 + gst per head depending on quality.

Please contact Shaun Hamilton  0456 666 724

13th August 2020

  • Holstein cows either fresh or spring calving – would consider a whole herd including Autumn cows that are rejoined. Spring calving Holstein heifers would also suit – preferably in-calf to Holstein sires or AI. Medium to large framed cows in good condition, SCC data and a current PCR test is a must. AI bred and pedigree record preferred but not essential.  Would like to look at groups of 30 or more.

Please contact Stuart Lockhart  0411 071 284

11th August 2020

  • Freshly calved or springing Holstein cows and heifers. Must be in good condition, medium to large framed cows – SCC details on milking cattle would be preferred. Preferable South Coast or North Coast NSW.

Please contact Stuart Lockhart  0411 071 284

10th August 2020

  • Holstein heifers – 3 to 18 months. Immediate delivery.

Please contact Shaun Hamilton 0456 666 724

14th July 2020

  • Unjoined Holstein heifers – weaned & 120kgs and over. Prices starting from $1000.00 + gst

Please contact Shaun Hamilton 0456 666 724

13th July 2020

  • Fresh Holsteins, Xbred or Jersey cows or springing heifers. Young cows preferred. Prefer from NSW South or North Coast.

Please contact Stuart Lockhart  0411 071 284

10th July 2020 – UPDATED – 15th July 2020


  • Holstein Heifers- Unjoined. 200+ kgs NEW Price: $2100.00 + gst. Delivery mid August -Western District, Vic
  • Jersey Heifers – Unjoined. 9-18 months. Price: $1100.00 + gst. Delivery mid August
  • Holstein Heifers – PTIC to any Bulls.  Price: $2200.00 + gst. Delivered mid August.

Prices delivered Quarantine – Subject to China Protocol – Unfortunately livestock inside designated Blue Tongue zones are ineligible.

Please contact your local DLS representative for immediate inspection